Partnership Projects

Kenneth Eagleton

In previous blog posts, we discussed partnerships in the International Missions (IM) context, looked at some of the principles guiding our cooperative efforts, and briefly reviewed the types of partnerships. Today, we will focus on different projects or activities that we cooperate in with our partners.

Church-planting. In Brazil, Cuba, and India we cooperate with the national church in sending church-planters into new areas where they do evangelism and discipleship of new believers, bringing them together in fellowship to form new churches.

Cross-cultural missions. IM comes alongside our national churches in Brazil, Cuba, and Ivory Coast to cooperate in sending missionaries from those countries to Uruguay, Turkey, Ivory Coast, and Ghana. In the near future, missionaries from former mission fields will be sent to even more countries.

Leadership training. We are helping support the efforts of our partners in training their spiritual leaders in countries like Brazil, Panama, Cuba, Ivory Coast, India, Korea, Russia, and Central Asia. We believe this is an essential component to secure the sustainability of a mature and doctrinally sound movement of churches.

Christian schools. Projects with partners support the creation and functioning of Christian schools in Ecuador and Ivory Coast.

Construction projects. We have worked with our partners in several construction projects, including churches, a camp dormitory, hospital, and Christian schools.

Humanitarian projects. Recent projects in cooperation with our partners include short-term medical teams, community health projects, adult literacy classes, schools staffed by volunteers, support of Hope Centers, and micro-loans for those needing to set up an economic activity to support their families.

All these opportunities give our Free Will Baptist people and churches avenues for direct involvement in a greater variety of ministries around the world.

Our next blog will look at funding for our partnerships.


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