Why a DFP?

Kenneth Eagleton

Today, International Missions (IM) has fewer North American missionaries on the field than a decade ago. But our world outreach and its effects are greater. This is mostly due to our partnerships with other organizations working internationally. The national associations of Free Will Baptist churches in other countries, as well as other local and specialized organizations, make us more effective and flexible.

In July 2017, IM reorganized its administration of field operations. Instead of dividing responsibilities into five geographical regions (Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Creative Access Countries) with regional directors, the new structure features a Director of Field Ministry Personnel (the DFMP, who supervises the missionaries) and a Director of Field Partnerships (DFP). Some of the tasks of the DFP are:

IM representative. The DFP is IM’s representative in the collaborative efforts with our partnerships and the evaluation and recommendation of new ones. Each year the DFP meets with other representatives of the partnerships to evaluate projects. Adjustments are made, including discontinuing some projects and starting new ones. When meeting with executive committee members of national associations, activities of the association are reviewed and areas needing help are considered. The DFP represents IM at the Annual Conventions of these associations. This requires extensive international travel.

Consultant. With more than eight decades of cross-cultural ministry, the Mission frequently receives requests for advice, opinions, and training. The DFP serves as a consultant to our national churches in other countries as well as an encourager and trainer.

Facilitator. The DFP serves as a facilitator in the interaction of our partners amongst themselves and with our supporters in the United States. Many times this involves helping them cross language and cultural barriers. The DFP also aids in collecting statistics from our fields of work.

Communications. The DFP is the communications link between what is happening on the fields and our constituents stateside. News of the work, stories about what God is doing in people’s lives, reports, statistics, and accountability from the projects need to be communicated stateside through various news release channels. Donors of the partnerships and projects are tracked and letters of appreciation are sent.

Please pray for me as I try to fulfill this strategically important role. Help me pray for wisdom from on high, spiritual discernment, and sensitivity to the needs of others.

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  1. Great information, NAFWBIM is an excellent investment in GETTING RESULTS of spreading THE GOODNEWS of JESUS CHRIST.

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