In the Words of Our Team (part 1)

Karen Williams

Part of our team shares about being in Uruguay …

“Our missionaries are very loving and take care of us.”-Trevor

“Training week was super fun but there’s nothing like being thrown into a new culture and country. Mr. Jaimie and Mrs. Tammy are making us feel right at home.” -Maggie

“After landing I was able to connect with the culture almost immediately. They love soccer, run, and eat amazing food! Mr. Jaimie and Mrs. Tammy have kept us laughing and have been gracious hosts.” – Andrew

“The trip here was not that bad and Mr. Jaimie and Mrs. Tammy are so nice. They told us it would be cold but it is not that cold.” – Stephen

“I survived the plane ride! Since we have been here we have had great food. I love the houses and the Lancasters!” -Courtney

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