Greetings from E-TEAM Nashville!

Rachel Burns

Marhabaan! We ventured off on a long journey to the lost city of Nashville. Our first stop was La Michoacana, where we all tried Mexican ice cream for the first time. After we finished with our delicious treats, we packed into the van once more to head to our place of lodging(Elvis’ racket ball court.) Our first night, we visited a Hispanic Bible study where we were able to celebrate Steve Lytle’s, the translator for Cofer’s Chapel, birthday. Within this Bible study, there were three countries represented: Venezuela, Cuba, and Mexico.

The next day, we started bright and early, working with a non-profit organization, The Branch. The Branch is a program that provides basic needs and teaches English classes for those who need to learn. Our host, Tracy has a lot of Curtish friends that celebrate Ramadon that we were able to visit during the Eid celebration. They provided delicious Baklava and other Curtish treats. Later, we visited K&S World Market, where we treated ourselves to more international treats.

The next day we woke up early and got ready to finish our work at The Branch and to help with the food pantry, where we met several different people groups including, Egyptians, a Belgium woman, people from Venezuela, and many more. For lunch we got to eat Thai food, which for many was their first time. That night we got to go to Plaza Mariachi, where we got explore the Mexican culture through food, dancing, and shopping. To end our night we went to a Peruvian restaurant, where we tried some traditional dishes.

This Sunday morning we went to The Church of Woodbine, where we attended service, met a lot of kind people, and had a meeting about the VBS we would be helping them put on. We had a meal at a Vietnamese restaurant, which was new for may.  In the afternoon we visited a Hindu Temple, which was very eye-opening and spiritually overwhelming. We then came back to our place of lodging to prepare for the busy week ahead of us. We have been very blessed with all the opportunities that God as already given us. We can’t wait to see what this upcoming week has in store for us.

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