In the Words of our Team (part 2)

Karen Williams

The remaining members of our team share their perspective of Uruguay:

“I’m so glad I’m here, this a great blessing. Translating has been fun, interesting and a challenge, but I’m blessed I get to do it.  THE FOOD IS AMAZING.” -Daniel

“I love Uruguay. The people here are so nice, but all the dogs bark at me.” -Meg

“I have had an amazing time in Uruguay!  I have definitely come closer to God and He has answered some of my questions for me.  I have some life changing decisions to listen to now.” -Isabella

“It has been an incredible privilege being able to come to Uruguay and experience the culture, while also serving. We’ve met some amazing people who have an undying desire to reach those in this country who do not know Christ and seeing their commitment is inspiring. In just the short amount of time that I have been here I can already identify the moments that I will keep with me and use on my life journey as I grow closer to Christ and discover His plan for my life.”                      – Jacob

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