From Rock Thrower to Church Builder


Nerieda didn’t attend church with her husband and four daughters when they began attending the church Stan and I were starting in Parita. She had other, more pressing things she thought she needed to do. She and others in the town felt we were trying to destroy their traditions. They wanted Stan and me to leave. Along with others, she threw rocks at our building during the services.

Nerieda helped develop and motivate an antagonist group. They marched around the town chanting “ni un bloque más” (not one more block) as we tried to build cinderblock walls on the church. They also planned to vandalize the property. At the same time, an ETEAM was in Panama. The students intended to help construct concrete pillars for the fence around the property. The police stopped the protestors that day—just as the ETEAM arrived. We found our chairs had been cut up and the pillars destroyed the night before.

Only God could change Nerieda’s heart. And, He did!

Eventually, she began attending services. Through Bible teaching and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, she became a new creature in Christ. She now teaches Sunday school at the new Chame FWB Church.* Her daughter, who was in my class as a preschooler in Parita, also teaches Sunday school. God’s Word is so powerful and it blesses me to know I had a small part in their growth.

* IM has approved an Impact Panama Chame Church project which is helping this newly-formed congregation purchase a property previously owned by New Tribes Mission.

This is an excerpt of an article written by Brenda Bunch for ONE Magazine. Read the complete article here.

Brenda Bunch and her husband Stan were appointed to overseas missionary service in Panama, Central America, in 1983. While in Panama, the couple and their three children Jonathan, Alicia, and Amanda helped to start three churches. The most recent officially organized August 27, 2011. Today, the ministry in Panama is under the leadership of Panamanian Free Will Baptists.


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