Planting Churches

Don Matchett

Church planting efforts are advancing in Brazil, Cuba, Ivory Coast, India, Nepal, and Central Asia as a result of gifts to the World Missions Offering. Evangelism and church planting are the lifeblood of missions ministry. Without the World Missions Offering, evangelism and church planting in these countries and among our partners would be severely hampered.

Recently, the national association of Free Will Baptists in the Ivory Coast sponsored a new church plant in Burkina Faso. Located just north of Côte d’Ivoire, Joshua Project indicates Burkina Faso is home to 81 people groups. Among those, 27 people groups are categorized as unreached. They have no gospel witness.

Islam, at around 60%, is the largest religion. Let that sink in. This majority-Muslim country has a church plant begun by Free Will Baptists.

Because Free Will Baptists have been faithful to give, our Ivorian partners have been empowered to plant a church in a majority-Muslim African country.

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