Internationals Serve Cross-Culturally

Deborah St. Lawrence

Often, believers in countries with established Free Will Baptist works feel God tugging them toward cross-cultural ministry but do not have the resources to make it occur.

Gnarkité Jonas Kambou, a student at the Bible institute in Bouna, Côte d’Ivoire, was awarded an internship with Pastor Appiah in Tiassee, Ghana. He will spend a year working in Ghana, putting to practical use the lessons learned in the classroom. Pastor Appiah began planting this Free Will Baptist church in 2017. Though he has seen some success, Jonas’ help will greatly boost the effort.

It took almost two years for all the paperwork to be approved, but Pastor Yosniel and Dr. Katiuska (with their two children) and a single lady, Lázara, are now serving in Ivory Coast, Africa. Dr. Katiuska, a physician, and Lázara, an X-ray and ultrasound technician, serve in our hospital in Doropo. Pastor Yosniel works in evangelism and discipleship.

Former students at the seminary in Chame, Panama, initiated a ministry that serves in the dangerous village streets of Colombia. They continue to share the gospel despite threats and curses by a witchdoctor.

Pastor Yosvanys Quiñones, his wife Anita, and their two children recently moved from Cuba to Uruguay to serve as missionaries. Uruguayan Free Will Baptists invited the family to work with them to revive and stabilize the Malvin Norte congregation in the metropolitan area of Montevideo.

Gifts to the World Missions Offering assist efforts to reach the unreached in neighboring countries and around the world.

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