Clint Morgan

I heard the title question in a song once and it has never left me. From a strictly physical angle, it is quite true for me. I have tripped the wire into the unknown world of social security…but am still capable of working.  Retirement probably looms out there just beyond the horizon for me. The date is not set and I’m not sure I really want to set it. I am counting completely on God directing this move as He did when He sent us to Africa, France, and this position.

But, the real truth of the matter is, my future is not shorter than my past for I have the hope of eternal life! I’m pretty sure eternity is a lot longer than one’s time on this planet. In fact, you can’t correctly use any chronological terms in speaking of eternity.  It is neither short nor long. Therefore eternity cannot be designated shorter or longer.

The concept of eternity is an imperative element in the message of salvation our missionaries take to the lost outside of North America. Yet, it has precisely the same eternal value as the message you and I share with unbelievers with whom we give the Good News.

Most good news has a relatively short life span. Some even refer to it as having your fifteen minutes in the sun.  But not our message…not the GOOD NEWS. Its future is eternal and those who embrace it have eternity with the true and living God.  We can thank Him for the years He gives us on this earth, but let’s not forget to thank Him for the eternity He has promised we will spend with Him and, then, share this hope with others.

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