Pray for ETEAMs

Dr. Neil Gilliland

Every summer since 1992, ETEAM has welcomed Free Will Baptist students from around the country (and even other countries) as they gather in Nashville. Anxious but proud parents say goodbye, leaving their teens to be trained and sent to the four corners of the earth to minister alongside our missionaries.

Now, 27 years later, it happened again. Nearly 100 students along with their leaders boarded planes bound for life-changing experiences across the globe. Some will minister with career missionaries who began their own journey to reach the nations on ETEAM.

The ETEAM staff has prayed for these students since the day they were selected. Their parents have prayed for them since they received the letter with their destination. We invite you to join us in praying for these students. You might even want to follow their journeys.

You can pray specifically for:

  • Safety. We do everything to make these trips safe but we can’t guarantee it.
  • Good health. The students will eat new foods and be in a new environment.
  • Travel. Flights, connections, and various forms of travel can be a challenge.
  • Effective ministry. Even though they will be limited by language, these teams can play a significant role in the ministry of our missionaries.
  • People. ETEAM is designed to reach people. Pray for the people who will meet our students and pray they will sense the love of Christ through them.
  • Spiritual revival and renewal. Often ETEAM students’ lives are radically changed by these experiences. Pray they will hear and obey God’s call on their lives.
  • Parents and Grandparents. The most difficult role may be as the parents of ETEAMers. Some, though very proud of their children, are anxious as their “little” ones have flown the nest and are in other countries.
  • Thanks. Thank the Father for students willing to answer the call to go and parents and grandparents who let them.
  • ETEAM staff, especially coordinator Hanna Mott. Hanna and her team spend thousands of hours preparing, planning, attending to myriad details, training, sending off, and debriefing each team.
  • Free Will Baptists. Thank the Lord for IM and a denomination willing to invest in the youth of our denomination.
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3 thoughts on “Pray for ETEAMs

  1. Roman McKeever is especially dear to our hearts. We are praying for him and his team, plus all the teams as they travel and minister. God has a work for each of them and we pray for protection until they are each home with their families.

  2. So excited for my nephew Roman McKeever. I have known since he was very little that God has big plans for him. I am praying for him and his team that the field will be plentiful and ready for the harvest. Sending all my love and prayers!!!❤️

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