Clint Morgan

I walked into my living room to chat with my wife. As I approached, she looked up and said, “Sometimes you walk just like your dad. When you walked in, it sort of gave me a flashback.”

I responded, “I would love to know that I could be half the man my dad was.”

Lynette, of course, was talking about my walk in a literal sense. I, on the other hand, was coming at it from the figurative sense. Either way, I do not consider it an insult to “walk” like my dad. He passed away in 2005, the same year my father-in-law Dr. LaVergne Miley went to be with the Lord. Two great men of God left this world in the same year. My dad was a church planter/pastor in North Carolina. I learned many wonderful things from him. Three things, in particular, come to mind.

  • One, he was absolutely committed to the task. He literally wore holes in his shoes as he went out knocking on doors to share his faith.
  • Second, he was a true man of his word. When he said he would do something you could bank on it. He didn’t use fancy, flattering words. Neither was he curt or disrespectful. He was simply always truthful.
  • Third, in the years he pastored, I never heard him, or my mother, speak disparagingly of anyone in the church. This probably is the biggest lesson learned.

If you ask me, those are pretty big shoes to fill. I may walk from point A to point B as he did, but it is my deep desire to truly “walk”, in the figurative sense, as he did. Do you have a hero in the faith? Do you “walk” as they do?

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