Aligning Magnetic and True North

Clint Morgan

In September 2019, a once-in-a-lifetime event occurred. At the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, United Kingdom, the magnetic North pole, as indicated on compasses, pointed directly at the geographic North Pole, or true North, for the first time in 360 years.

A compass, if functioning properly, points toward the Earth’s magnetic north pole, which is generally not the same location as the geographic North Pole. Earth’s magnetic poles exist because of its magnetic field, produced by electric currents in the liquid part of the earth’s core. The location of the magnetic north pole is constantly changing and can move as far as 1,000 km away from the true north pole.

On the other hand, true north is calculated using an imaginary line through the Earth rather than a compass. Outside forces do not cause it to vary. True north is always in precisely the same location.

I see this as a good analogy of us at IM as we align our plans with God’s plans.  He is the true North and we are the magnetic North.  We, as humans, have a propensity to follow the magnetic pulls of this life and its imposing culture.

The IM leadership team (IMLT) is charged with leading the Mission in the right direction, and along the best paths, at all times. We believe our true North is simply God’s will. However, we must deal with the magnetic pulls as we move through our times and the cultural continuum of life. We must keep our eyes fixed on the true North.

As we enter 2020, our vision is guided by one overriding principle: we want to ensure our magnetic north (our plans) is properly and completely aligned with the true North (God’s plans).   As mission leaders, it is imperative we align our plans, strategies, and actions with His plans and strategies, and not attempt the opposite.

We need your prayers as we pursue the path He desires we follow.

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