Coronavirus – A Statement From Clint Morgan

Lauren Biggs

The IM leadership team has been closely following the ebb and flow of information about the number one world concern at this time…the coronavirus.

While it is impossible to find a one size fits all response we want to assure our IM family and FWB constituency that we are making decisions we believe reflect due diligence, precautionary actions, and protection of our field and stateside personnel as well as short-termers (eg. THP projects, CMP team, etc.). We are giving our field teams the right to stay or leave based on their situation and sound reasoning. However, we reserve the right, and certainly bear the responsibility, to exercise our fiduciary charge to safeguard the well-being of our staff and those who serve in any capacity with or for us which may mean we recall staff and impose a quarantine in certain situations.

We ask for your prayers and God’s unfathomable wisdom as we navigate these somewhat precarious waters.

Clint Morgan, IM General Director

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