Cared for Missionaries – story by Jaimie Lancaster

Lauren Biggs

We know God provides for IM families in many ways and YOU can be one of them!

We hope you look for opportunities to care for these families.

One of the most amazing ways we were ever cared for as missionaries
occurred when our children went away to college.

When our oldest son turned 16, we bought him an extremely used Jeep
Cherokee with 198,000 miles on it. We figured that we’d sell it at the
end of our stateside assignment. When it was time to return to Uruguay
we found out that missionaries are probably the only group of people who
would buy a car with 200,000 + miles on it. We decided we’d keep it and
use it for conferences or travel when we were in the States.

My son enrolled in a college that was about 600 miles from our stateside
home.  We sent him off to college in that high mileage Jeep. Everything
went well that first year and it made it till around Thanksgiving the
next year. One day he was returning to campus and he passed through the
town of Rogers, Arkansas and it began to overheat. He left it at a
dealer there. Imagine my surprise when I received a call from the
dealership saying that it would be $600.00 to replace the thermostat and
the water pump!  (The funniest part was that to fix all the things wrong
with it they would charge an extra $2400! This was more than we paid for
it when we bought it!) I told my son that there was no way we
could/would pay that and it would be best if he could find a shade tree
mechanic to fix it. No luck. We called some friends but they couldn’t
recommend a mechanic in the area. The hard part for me was being 5,000
miles away with a problem I could have solved myself but I was nowhere
nearby. The only thing we could do was pray and wait for an answer.

Tammy had a ladies’ Bible study at the time in our home. One day she
received a call from one of the participants and she said “I have a
group of 12 people, 11 men, and one lady, she’s got to have a break, may
I invite her to the study?” Of course, Tammy said yes. When she arrived,
we found out that this group was from a church from…. Rogers, Arkansas!
When I found out I told Tammy to ask her if some of the men could
recommend a mechanic. The lady did better than that. She gave me the
number of her pastor and he sent the church mechanic to pick up the Jeep
and fix it. When it was fixed I called to find out home much I owed and
the guy said “There’s no charge. This is something we do for
missionaries!” The church was not a Free Will Baptist Church and at the
time I had never even been to Rogers, Arkansas but we were blessed by
their kindness.

Connect Church in Russellville has also been great auto repair
servants. Once when my oldest was returning home his power steering pump
went out near Russellville. He called me and asked me what to do. I told
him to call my friend at Connect Church. An hour later he was back on
the road with a rebuilt pump and the towing and repair was covered by
our Connect Church family.

My youngest son also benefited from friendships at Connect church. He
attended Arkansas Tech and one of the leaders had a trucking company.
Just about all of his auto repairs were done by them and he only paid
for the cost of parts.

Many people take for granted a well-running, well-serviced car but those
friends and churches that helped our college-age children from point A
to point B has been some of the greatest blessings we have received.

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