IM, Inc. News Release January 22, 2021

Stacie Compton

Antioch, TN – The IM board met in a special session on January 13 via Zoom to discuss two critical business items. Members present were Chairman Jeff Nichols, Vice-Chairman Rodney Yerby. Secretary Mark Price, Casey Cariker, Janice Banks, Rick Cason, Will Harmon, Darren Walker, and Cameron Lane.

General Director Clint Morgan and Directors Rob Conley, Don Matchett, Curt Holland, Danny Gasperson, and Kenneth Eagleton were also in attendance via Zoom.

Clint Morgan reported on transitions in the IM office. Director of Member Care Neil Gilliland’s position has expanded to include Mobilization. Effective immediately Neil will lead ETEAM (short-term high school students), CMP (short-term college students), and college intern OA’s.

Danny Gasperson will assume the role of the Director of THP. Danny states, “I am looking forward to devoting all my time to The H*nna Project to continue to provide help, hope, and healing to hurting people. I want to see The H*nna Project grow and expand our influence in the world.”

Clint Morgan, “When we hired Danny, we knew that his passion was for THP. Now that mobilization has shifted from under his direction, and THP is his main focus, we are greatly anticipating what God will do through him.”

Leslie Nichols has served as Assistant to the Director of Mobilization. She will transition laterally to College CMP/OA Coordinator. Neil Gilliland affirms, “Leslie has a passion to engage with college students; moving them toward being true disciples of Christ.”

In another business item, the IM board heard an update from Clint Morgan and Curt Holland on Eddy and Amanda Simmons. Eddy and Amanda are confronted with various health concerns. Amanda has recovered well, but Eddy continues to struggle with nerve damage. The primary concern is severe pain in Eddy’s left hand. Clint declared, “Health issues for our missionaries are always a great concern. We ask that you join us in prayer for the Simmons for complete physical restoration and that they might be able to return to the field.”

There is the looming question if they will return to Kenya. Eddy has an appointment for pain management in a few days and a Nerve Conduction Study and visits a neurologist in February. The board will review Eddy and Amanda’s health condition at the April meeting and make decisions based on doctor recommendations.

Please join the IM staff and the IM board in prayer for a full recovery of Eddy Simmons, that he and Amanda will be able to return to Kenya, and pray Neil Gilliland and Danny Gasperson will be used decidedly in their expanded roles.

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