IM, Inc. News Release – Cheri Ham Retirement

Lauren Biggs

IM, Inc. News Release

Date: March 5, 2021

Antioch TN – Cheri Ham has officially announced her retirement effective March 31. Cheri has filled different roles over her 24+ years with IM. Beginning in a part-time capacity in December 1996 with computer and network responsibilities, Cheri quickly demonstrated her passion for excellence, attention to detail, and a firm grasp of anything related to computer data and technologies. Moving to full-time employment in 2002, Cheri added website development and other communications department responsibilities to her list of duties. In May 2006, Cheri shifted her obligations to the Financial Operations department, where she began as an Accounting Clerk but quickly advanced to Financial Operations Assistant and ultimately settling into her role as Financial Operations Manager.

Rob Conley, who has worked directly with Cheri for many years, reflects, “Cheri is the ultimate role player and can likely take on any task and will simply ‘figure it out’ and get it done. Cheri has led us through multiple system migrations from payroll, donor management software, full accounting systems, etc. She just comprehends computer data better than anyone I’ve ever worked with. While her professional expertise is top-shelf, her love for missionaries is probably the first thing you will notice about her; often going above and beyond for them in every aspect.”

While we will miss Cheri, the professional, we will undoubtedly miss Cheri, the person. Please join us in wishing Cheri the absolute best retirement possible.

Cristina Price, Missionary to France, “God blesses missionaries with many gifts; unfortunately, crunching numbers and navigating technology are not always among them. To fill that gap, God gave us Cheri Ham. Cheri has come to our rescue more times than I can count, patiently explaining the obscure ins and out of accounting in two different currencies or walking us through tech updates and computer problems. She wears her genius lightly; her humility and genuine love for her mission family are undeniable. She has fervently prayed for us through our many ups and downs, and I consider her a true friend.”

Going forward, Caroline Pierce will assume the role of Financial Operations Manager. Jacklyn Reed will occupy the Financial Operations Assistant position, as Jackie Gasperson continues as Financial Operations Clerk.

It is impossible to measure the intrinsic value of Cheri to the overall function and results of IM’s ministries and programs. Her unquestionable commitment to God, highly productive work ethic, and heartfelt compassion for the world and our missionaries set her apart in many ways. We will greatly miss Cheri, yet she will honorably be remembered at IM for many more years.” Clint Morgan, IM General Director.



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2 thoughts on “IM, Inc. News Release – Cheri Ham Retirement

  1. Congratulations. Thank you for your friendship. I hope you enjoy every minute of retirement. Thank you for being an encourager to Jeff and me in our ministry here in Canada. Blessings!

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