IM, Inc. News Release – Walt Schorsack

Lauren Biggs

IM, Inc. News Release
Date: March 22, 2021

Antioch TN – Walt Schorsack’s journey with IM comes to a close.

The IM, Inc Board approved Walt Schorsack in December of 2019 for Japan. Walt was unable to secure the funding necessary, so a decision has been made to close this chapter of Walt Schorsack’s affiliation with IM.

Don Matchett, Director of Development, “Regretfully, Walt was not able to secure funding. These were not the results we were hoping for, but unfortunately, there are times when doors and opportunities close. At the same time, we pray other doors will open. This decision has no reflection on Walt or his desire to go. We are honored that he came through our doors. We pray that his journey does not stop here and that he will find a means to get to Japan.”

Clint Morgan expresses, “If this is where God wants him in the future, we are confident God will provide a way. God’s delay is not God’s denial.”

Please join the whole IM family as we pray for Walt Schorsack’s transition and future plans in the Kingdom.

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