Joel Teague as the New President of the French FWB Association

Lauren Biggs

Joel Teague was recently voted in as the new President of the French Free Will Baptist Association. Pray for him in his new leadership role. He shares, “I am hoping to encourage the churches but also help strengthen and grow our denomination in France. More specifically by helping to provide for some of the major needs of our churches. Some of these needs are as follows:


Training: We are working on creating an online training platform with many different classes, to give each person in our churches the opportunity to grow in their knowledge of God and the Bible and be better equipped for their tasks.


Ordination: At the moment, we have no ordination system in place, so this is an important project we are working on.


Resources: We are really in need of books, especially books on Free Will Baptist Doctrine in French. So, we will be working on getting some books on the subject translated. This is an expensive but critical need. We actually have an IMpact Project to help support this task called “IMpact France – Discipleship & Training Program.


Communication: Developing our communication in the church and outside of the church about who we are as FWB would be done by sharing information about what is going on around the world for FWB to our different churches. It will also be done by creating a website for the National Association and using social media to give information about who we are and what we believe.


Fellowship: Our French FWB Churches have been through tough times the last few years so we feel the need to be there for one another. We are planning to have joined church services and also have designated people to keep the congregations up to date about what is going on in the other churches. Of course, they would also share the news and the prayer requests of each church, etc.


And naturally, we hope and pray to be able to plant more FWB churches in France in the future. I could sum it all up with: Encourage, strengthen and grow. I know it’s a big task and may be too optimistic but I choose to put my faith in God, not in my own abilities. We serve a great God and nothing is too big for Him or His kingdom.”

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