IM, Inc. News Release – June 1, 2021

Lauren Biggs

IM, Inc. News Release

Date: June 1, 2021

Antioch, TN- The retirement of Brother Carlisle Hanna, after seventy years of faithful service, raised the question of how to best continue the ministries of the established Free Will Baptist works in India?

To address this pressing need, the IM leadership team entered into discussions with the Friends of India (FOI), a 501c3 non-profit organization based in South Carolina. The FOI board is made up of pastors with a strong commitment to the ministries God has developed through Free Will Baptists in India. IM and FOI have been partners for nearly fifteen years.

The FOI sponsorship of many building projects, purchase of motorbikes and bicycles for the pastors and evangelists, support for pastors and evangelists, aid for believers, consistent prayer, regular visits to the field, and much more have clearly demonstrated their devotion to our Free Will Baptist works in India.

After much prayer, discussions, meetings, emails, and exchange of ideas, it has been agreed that the FOI will take oversight of the works established by Brother Carlisle, his former missionary colleagues, and national believers.

Dr. Don Hanna, son of Brother Carlisle, who was raised in India, serves as the President of the FOI board. His grasp of the language, understanding of the culture, relationship with national believers and leaders, understanding of the ministries, servant’s heart, and other factors make him the perfect person to oversee the ongoing works in India.

Dr. Don shared his thoughts about this transition. He said, “I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with IM in leading our work in India. I have had the Lord’s call on my life for many years to help lead this work forward. There are many, and great, challenges.  I have very large shoes to fill, so we covet your prayers and support as we move forward. I am grateful to each one of the Friends of India board for their commitment to our work in India and for standing with me. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Brother Clint, who has been very gracious as we work together to reach the millions of lost souls in India.

General Director Clint Morgan stated, “IM’s commitment to India is undeniable. It was our first field and by far the largest in the number of churches and believers. We rejoice that our long-term investment of personnel and resources has produced much fruit. At this historical juncture, we are convinced FOI is well placed to ensure the continuity and stability of the established ministries. I look forward to working with Dr. Don and FOI to continue Free Will Baptist efforts to reach the 1.2 billion lost people in India.

Funding for the ministries in India is greatly needed. FOI will be setting the budget, sending the funds to India, and doing the accountability.  You can contribute to these ministries directly to FOI or through IM. One hundred percent of funds sent to IM earmarked for ‘Hanna, Rev. Carlisle – Friends of India’ will be sent to FOI.

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