Curt Holland

Director of Field Ministry Personnel

Curt’s passion is flesh out his live verse, 2 Timothy 2:2; to train those who will in turn train many more for the Kingdom. Curt wants students and adults to be challenged and have their worldviews changed like his was in the summer of 1985. Throughout his 30+-year ministry, he has taught students, led multiple mission trips, served in variety of roles in churches, and planted a church overseas.

He met Mary in high school. They both attended Hillsdale College (now Randall University) in Oklahoma. Following the first year of college, they married and began serving together. In 1985, Curt and Mary embarked on a 10-week missions internship in Brazil. This cemented their decision to pursue missions. Curt received his bachelor’s degree in theology and missions and Mary her associates in missions from Hillsdale. Following graduation, they moved to southwest Missouri to pastor the Verdella FWB Church for five-plus years.

In 1992, Curt and Mary were sent out by International Missions to serve in Brazil with their daughters: Amber, Kelsey, and Brooklin. While in Brazil, the Hollands ministered in three different cities. During their final term they saw God develop a number of young Brazilians for future pastoral roles. They also planted a church in the city of Campinas. This church continues to thrive and has instigated many other church plants and mission works in and around the city of Campinas.

In 2002, Curt and Mary moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and served as the first missionaries-in-residence on the campus of Welch College for two years.

Mary has worked as a family coordinator in an elementary school with over 20 languages spoken, and more than 45 countries represented. She earned her Ed.D. in educational leadership from Lipscomb University and currently has a ministry as an assistant principal in a public elementary school.

Curt served as the Minister of Adults at The Donelson Fellowship for six years.  During an 18-month stint in Oklahoma, Curt served at his alma mater as the dean of students, Christian ministries leader, and campus pastor. He continues to serve as an adjunct professor for Welch College over the past 15 years and at Randall University.

After leading The Hanna Project and teams into five continents, Curt is now the Director of Field Ministry Personnel with IM. He has led numerous college mission groups to Brazil and Ecuador and mentored a number of students along the way. Curt received a Master of Arts in religion from Liberty University and has his TESL certificate from the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute.

Amber (Burleson), Kelsey (Lin), and Brooklin are all nurses. Mary and Curt have adopted a seven-year-old boy.

Curt enjoys coffee, exercising, playing golf, reading, and traveling to new cultures.