IM, Inc. News Release January 22, 2021

Stacie Compton

IM, Inc. News Release January 22, 2021

Antioch, TN – The IM board met in a special session on January 13 via Zoom to discuss two critical business items. Members present were Chairman Jeff Nichols, Vice-Chairman Rodney Yerby. Secretary Mark Price, Casey Cariker, Janice Banks, Rick Cason, Will Harmon, Darren Walker, and Cameron Lane.

General Director Clint Morgan and Directors Rob Conley, Don Matchett, Curt Holland, Danny Gasperson, and Kenneth Eagleton were also in attendance via Zoom.

Clint Morgan reported on transitions in the IM office. Director of Member Care Neil Gilliland’s position has expanded to include Mobilization. Effective immediately Neil will lead ETEAM (short-term high school students), CMP (short-term college students), and college intern OA’s.

Danny Gasperson will assume the role of the Director of THP. Danny states, “I am looking forward to devoting all my time to The H*nna Project to continue to provide help, hope, and healing to hurting people. I want to see The H*nna Project grow and expand our influence in the world.”

Clint Morgan, “When we hired Danny, we knew that his passion was for THP. Now that mobilization has shifted from under his direction, and THP is his main focus, we are greatly anticipating what God will do through him.”

Leslie Nichols has served as Assistant to the Director of Mobilization. She will transition laterally to College CMP/OA Coordinator. Neil Gilliland affirms, “Leslie has a passion to engage with college students; moving them toward being true disciples of Christ.”

In another business item, the IM board heard an update from Clint Morgan and Curt Holland on Eddy and Amanda Simmons. Eddy and Amanda are confronted with various health concerns. Amanda has recovered well, but Eddy continues to struggle with nerve damage. The primary concern is severe pain in Eddy’s left hand. Clint declared, “Health issues for our missionaries are always a great concern. We ask that you join us in prayer for the Simmons for complete physical restoration and that they might be able to return to the field.”

There is the looming question if they will return to Kenya. Eddy has an appointment for pain management in a few days and a Nerve Conduction Study and visits a neurologist in February. The board will review Eddy and Amanda’s health condition at the April meeting and make decisions based on doctor recommendations.

Please join the IM staff and the IM board in prayer for a full recovery of Eddy Simmons, that he and Amanda will be able to return to Kenya, and pray Neil Gilliland and Danny Gasperson will be used decidedly in their expanded roles.


Stacie Compton


Have you ever had so many choices, you couldn’t actually make a decision? Like picking a restaurant for your birthday dinner, choosing a box of cereal in the overstocked grocery store aisle, or selecting what to wear for Sunday service in a closet full of clothes. That’s how writing this blog has been for me. I have so many things to be thankful for, I simply could not make up my mind. Then it hit me. While I’m thankful for a multitude of things, I am deeply thankful for my friends.

Friendships are an interesting thing. They often fall into categories—acquaintances, childhood friends, coworkers, best friends, even those who know your deepest, darkest secrets and love you just the same. We have friends we call when we need a night out. We have some we can text with a heavy heart and a need for prayer in the middle of the night.

Recently, I was reminded of how influential these people are in our lives. My oldest daughter hosted a sleepover with five of her closest school friends to celebrate a monumental day—turning 12. I watched and listened to the chattering girls with a full heart. How thankful I am for good friendships in these often-wishy-washy days of middle school life. I started thinking of my own friends. While I’m not really in touch with friends from my middle school days, the Lord has graciously given me a bountiful supply of friendships since then.

I have some friends who ask the hard, pointed questions: How are things in your marriage? Where are you struggling in your walk with the Lord? When was the last time you made an effort for prayer and fasting on that need? We are there for each other in the really difficult times and the laugh until you cry times. They pull me back on track when I get bogged down in life.

I even have friends who hold me accountable for my eating and exercise habits. One friend is the secret keeper and knows I need encouraging along the way. We all have friends who won’t let you leave the table with spinach between your teeth or the one with a Tide stick for the salsa stain on your shirt…c’mon we all need that friend, too!

We have friendships deeply rooted in faith, laughter, or similar likes, and those we can casually pass in the breezeway with a simple wave and a genuine smile. Each of these is equally important in the twists and turns of life. Ultimately, I’m thankful for the dearest Friend I’ve ever had. The One who walks with me, leading me in paths of righteousness, sticking closer than a brother. Do you know my Friend? If you don’t, stop what you are doing—choose this One, Jesus. His love, friendship, and direction will satisfy the deepest longings of your soul and will release you from the weight this world uses to drag you down. If you know Him, thank Him for the many blessings He has gifted you with today. Then call or text a friend just to say “Hey, I’m praying for you today” or tell him or her you are thankful you are friends.

Let Them Go

Stacie Compton

Let Them Go

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked my daughter as we drove through town.

“Well, maybe a doctor for animals or a teacher, or maybe a missionary” she answered.

“Oh, wow! Those all sound fun,” I replied nonchalantly. “Wait…a missionary? That would mean you would have to live far, far away from Daddy and me. Are you sure you want to do that?”

The truth of the matter was I wasn’t sure I wanted her to do that. Sure, I meant all the things I vowed when we stood before the church and committed ourselves to see her discipled and raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. However, in that dedication service, I’m not so sure we meant that.

The deeper reality is, we at IM find parents all too often want their children to serve the Lord whole-heartedly—just on their terms and near their homes. People around the world are dying and going into eternity without hearing of Jesus Christ. And, quite honestly, it’s our own fault. We have the answers they need. Yet, we often hold tightly to the reins of those gifted with the opportunity to go.

Never in my wildest dreams, when they laid my baby girl against my skin in the delivery room, did I imagine she might one day walk through airport security with the intention of boarding a plane to a far-away land to share the gospel. Our girls are only seven and 11, but this reality hit me right in the heart.

Mommas, hear me loud and clear: it’s our duty as parents to let them go.

The call is clear: “Go into all the world to preach the gospel.”

Each summer, hundreds of teenagers are given an opportunity to go. We must support them in this. Their Heavenly Father is calling. Our obedience matters as much as theirs. Will you let them go? Eternity is at stake. Your son or daughter might be the one who shares the life-changing message of Jesus’ love for the world.

Pray hard, hug them tight, and let them go.


Excerpted from an article by Stacie Compton in ONE Magazine. Use the link to read the full article. Learn more about ETEAM and other short-term opportunities or about career missions.