We are looking for some college students who would be willing to come next summer to Campinas, Brazil, on a short-term mission trip. We are planning for about a 10-day stay on the field (+2 days for travel to and from Brazil) during the first two weeks in June. Your host will be the youth of the First FWB Church in Campinas with supervision of veteran missionary Kenneth Eagleton.

All the logistics have not been worked out yet, but the activities will probably be similar to what we did two years ago. Our program was structured around four different kinds of activities: (1) ministry in a public school each weekday, (2) outings to get to know the city and culture, (3) studies and discussion times with your supervisor, and (4) activities with the youth group and church(es) on the weekends. 

The public school ministry with the last group was fantastic. We were able to take a class period in each class and teach them some folk songs in English, work on English vocabulary, let them ask questions, and then end with a moral lesson (taken from the Bible, of course). We had some of the students from the school to come to church that weekend.

For more questions about this trip, email Leslie Nichols at leslie@iminc.org.

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