The Trifonovs are looking for a team to come work alongside them in the summer of 2021!


For next summer, they would like to have a hybrid program between their older English Music and Sports Club and VBS. There will be some vocal lessons, English, Bible activities, games, and sports. The kids will come to church for a whole week, from Monday to Friday (9 am to 4 pm) to participate in those activities. They might also have a special theme for the whole week, like in VBS. They aim at having 20 Bulgarian kids participating in the program. For that, they would need a CMP team of 5-7 American students plus a team leader (some Bulgarians from our church will also help as volunteers). American students should have skills in teaching English as a foreign language, organizing and running sports and games activities. Piano/guitar skills are a plus.
The tentative dates students should mark in their calendar are July 7th to July 20th. It will be best if they can aim at arriving in Varna on July 8th and leave on July 19th.  This would give time for orientation, coordination, and for the team to attend two Sunday church services. The Trifonovs also hope to do some sightseeing and go to the beach with students before the project itself starts.

Why Go on CMP Bulgaria 2021?

+ Witness first-hand the work God is doing through IM missionaries, encourage them, and help carry out their mission.

+ Meet the kids on the English & Fun Club (CMP Bulgaria 2021), share God’s love and His good news, and make a difference in their lives.

+ Teach English, have fun, make friends, and be enriched by a new culture.

+ Get out of your comfort zone and let God work through and in you so you would come home changed and moved to action!

The Trifonovs work in different areas of ministry but they have found holding musical camps in the summertime has proven to be productive. For that reason, musically inclined students would be a great fit here but if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket then you will have a place on this team as well!

For questions about this trip, email Leslie Nichols at

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