ETEAM Intern Application

  • IM, Inc. internships are a two-semester commitment and may include serving with us during summer training experiences. In that case, food and housing for those weeks will be provided. During typical internship service, you are responsible for reporting to the office at least one hour per week when school is in session. It is imperative that you communicate with staff the time you are able to be in the office and maintain that time weekly. During your time in the office, you will take care of responsibilities given you by the student missions department first and, then, other IM office staff. Throughout the internship you will learn the ins-and-outs of student ministries such as E-TEAM as well as the larger picture of how IM works. Your tasks will include processing paperwork regarding student applicants, participating in meetings with the student missions coordinator, relaying information regarding student application status to the student missions coordinator as well as other tasks entrusted to you. Please understand: any information you have access to is confidential. If confidentiality is broken, you will be relieved of your duties as an intern. Interns must provide their own transportation to and from the Antioch, TN, office (approximately 40 minutes from Welch College). This internship may be used as a Christian Service opportunity from Welch College upon approval by the Christian Service Director. Please indicate if you are seeking that fulfillment. Students from all colleges and universities may apply for a month-long internship at the Antioch offices for the current school year.
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