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Career Missionary (lifetime call, 3- to 4-year terms, individual or couple)


Church Planter

A Couple will be sent, preferably along with a team of Bulgarians, to facilitate planting a church in a town where there is little or no evangelical church presence. The Bulgarian and international missionaries will work together to establish themselves within the local community through part-time jobs such as teaching English or medical work, while building on the established relationships that the Bulgarian team members already have. The team will have the full support and backing of other established FWB churches in Bulgaria.

Varna, Pleven

University Ministry

Full time ministry with university students.

  • one-on-one discipleship/ evangelism in a university context
  • small group Bible studies consisting of university students
  • students connected with local FWB church and leadership

EU Projects Coordinator

  • A couple or single adult is needed to write, propose and fulfill service projects within the community as a way of bridging the gap between the church and the local community.
  • They will apply for EU grants for community projects such as playgrounds, school improvements, parks, community centers, libraries, etc. They will write grants, propose them and then work with the local church and community leaders to make these ideas a reality.




Sports Outreach Manager

  • Work within a team structure to plant churches
  • Use love and interest in sports to develop relationships that go beyond the sporting event.
  • Coordinate sporting outreaches for adults, students, and children.

Children’s Outreach Manager

  • Work within a team structure to plant churches
  • Facilitate events and outreaches for children
  • Coordinate day camps for children (e.g. week-long English camp for children; two hours a day for one week of school vacation)
  • Develop relationships with children and their parents that go beyond the planned activities.

Computer Information Class Instructor

  • Work within a team structure to plant churches
  •  Teach basic computer information classes to adults using PCs
  • Develop relationships with students outside of the classroom

English Teacher

  • Work within a team structure to plant churches
  •  Teach English to adults and/or students using an already established curriculum
  • Develop relationships with students outside of the classroom
  • Tutor students

Women’s Discipleship Coordinator

  • Work within a team structure to plant churches
  • Work alongside the Men’s Discipleship Team
  • Discover, locate, create, and/or develop a discipleship curriculum that is best suited for the culture and community in which we work
  • Coordinate efforts in teaching, mentoring, and discipling women who come to Christ
  • Facilitate discipleship groups on a regular basis
  • Work to develop intentional relationships in order to share the Gospel


Japan: Will you come to Japan? Watch this short video!

Church planter or church planting team member

  • This role involves using your gifts to share the gospel through discipleship and starting and establishing a new church. This opportunity usually begins after a church planting internship is completed.




Church Planter

  • To facilitate the planting of indigenous reproducible churches among the Samburu people of Kenya.
  • Evangelize the Samburu in the entire Barsalinga region and beyond
  • Train new disciples to follow Jesus and to reproduce themselves
  • Identify and train qualified men to lead as pastors/elders
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