North Africa

  • English Teacher 

Arabian Peninsula

  • English Teacher 

Central Asia

Middle East

  • English Teacher 



  • English Teacher 


  • English Teacher


  • English Teacher 


  • English Teacher


  • English Teacher

Japan – Will you come to Japan? Watching this short video!

  • English Teacher
    • Facilitate outreach via English Classes, American Culture Classes, etc.
    • Plan, direct and teach English and Culture classes.
    • Develop contacts for the local church.
    • Facilitate outreach via English Classes, American Culture Classes, Inter-Cultural awareness events, Overseas Excursions, etc.
  • Short-Term Intern
  • Church planting Intern
    • This role involves sharing the gospel by using the gifts God has given you to share the gospel with as many people as possible to the second largest unreached people group.


  • English Teacher


  • English Teacher


  • English Teacher



  • English Teacher
    • A couple or single adult is needed to teach English as a second language(ESL) in Bulgaria as a means to building relationships, growing the local church and reaching people for Jesus.
    • Use English to bridge the gap between the society and the local church.
    • Will include 15-20 hours a week of English in a local school, work within a local FWB church and training in the Bulgarian language.
  • Short-Term Interns
  • Facilities Manager
    • Help maintain and improve FWB facilities (buildings, community centers, etc.) throughout Bulgaria.
    • Help with church related community projects.


  • English Teacher 
  • Outreach and JPense Group Facilitator
    • Make new contacts (through sports, events, music, etc.), invite them to the JPense events
    • Organize JPense discussion groups
    • Help with different events.
    • Provide assistance to Joel & Lydie Teague
  • Short-Term Interns
    • To provide the intern hands-on experience in understanding the cultural challenges and rewards of ministering in France. This opportunity will allow the intern and the Mission to see if this is a good fit for future ministry.



  • English Teacher
  • Short-Term Interns
  • University Student Worker
    • Study in the university program and become involved activities, as well as local church activities
    • Build relationships with students and bring them into the local church

Latin America


  • Short-Term Intern

North America

United States

Champaign-Urbana, Illinois (University of Illinois)

  • Short-term Intern
    • Oversee the international student activities over a highly international student populated area just off of the main campus, allowing the English Corner to expand its reach from the main campus to surrounding areas.
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