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Donnie and Ruth McDonald



The McDonald family is currently working with the Good News Church in Tokyo area.  Their goal is to help this church plant develop national leadership and a permanent building in the near future.  They are actively involved in Bible studies, outreach concerts, preaching, and ministry to young families in the area.

Reared in a Christian home, Donnie was saved at six years of age as he recognized the awfulness of an eternity in hell. Missionaries visiting his home and the impact of a missions conference during his sophomore year in high school influenced him toward a commitment to missionary service.

Ruth grew up as part of a home missionary family. She was saved at five years of age after having experienced several weeks of conviction as a sinner. She gave her heart to the Lord following a revival service. Her commitment to God and His will led her to submit to the leading of her husband-to-be as a missionary candidate. Her own vision and burden then intensified as she studied to meet missions requirements.

Donnie served for three years as a dormitory supervisor at Welch College and worked as bus captain for Cross Timbers FWB Church in Nashville, Tenn. Following graduation from Welch College, Donnie and Ruth went to Flagstaff, Ariz., to work with home missionaries Mark and Louise Vandivort. Donnie was in charge of the youth ministry and helped in a jail and rescue mission ministry. Ruth was active in music and in ministries to women and youth.

The McDonalds were appointed to career missionary service in Japan on November 27, 1984. They began their first term in 1986, attending language school in Tokyo, Japan, for two years. Following language school Donnie and Ruth moved to the island of Hokkaido to work with Pastor Kawasaki at the Ai No Sato FWB Church.

Donnie and Ruth began their second term in Japan in June of 1991. They worked with pastor Toshikazu Kawasaki and missionary Debbie Griffin on the island of Hokkaido in establishing the Ai No Sato Free Will Baptist Church. Donnie also served as missionary advisor for the Kita Hiroshima FWB Church, which was without a pastor or full-time missionary. In addition, he taught Bible classes to believers from the Sapporo area churches. Donnie and Ruth also were responsible for English classes, Sunday school, music and women’s ministries.

In 1996 the McDonald family settled in the Sapporo area to begin a new church plant. The Miharashidai Chapel was established during this third term of service. They initiated an English program and women’s and children’s ministries.

The McDonald family relocated to Tokyo upon their return to Japan for their fourth term of service. Working as members of the Tokyo Team (Ken and Judy Bailey and Mirial Gainer), and in cooperation with the Iriso church, the Good News Chapel was begun. Donnie was active in the preaching ministry of the church and follow-up with new believers. Ruth worked with church music and neighborhood evangelism. A huge interest in gospel music among unchurched, unevangelized Japanese prompted the McDonald family to participate in a community gospel music choir. Opportunities for sharing the gospel were provided when explaining the songs to Japanese participants.

The McDonald family served as the missionary-in-residence (MIR) for Welch College for the 2004-05 school year. They returned to Tokyo in July 2005 to continue working with the Iriso and Good News churches in reaching the lost in the Tokyo area.

Donnie and Ruth have four children: Leah Katherine (Katie), born May 29; Evan Benjamin, born January 10; Amy Hope, born April 14; Caroline Grace, born September 26.

Cross Timbers FWB Church, Nashville, Tenn.

Prayer Requests


  • Praise God for the adult son of one of the Good News Chapel members who recently contacted the church with questions about Christianity. He committed himself to reading the entire Bible by this summer’s end. Pray that this seeker ( Mr. Hiro . . . )  would be touched by the truth of the God and open his heart to Christ. 5/16/2020
  • Pray for both the believers and non-believers viewing the worship videos of Good News Chapel. Church believers are expressing their need of spiritual encouragement during this time of medical emergency restrictions. Non-believers are viewing the broadcasts with a sincere desire to know more about Christianity. 5/4/20
  • Praise for Good News Chapel believers who are inviting their non-believing friends to view the Good News Chapel Sunday worship video tapes, now uploaded on the church’s Facebook page and on YouTube. 5/3/20
  • Pray for God’s special blessings on the weekly video messages being delivered via YouTube and on the new Facebook page for worship services for Good News Chapel. Missionary Rusty Carney has edited the weekly worship services during the Covid-19 virus outbreak and provided a weekly broadcast to deliver to those connected to Good News Chapel. 5/2/20

  • Praise for our new FaceBook page for Good News Chapel: 福音チャペル ( Fukuin Chapel ). It has already served as a great tool for sharing the ministry of the church. IM missionary, Shelby Culwell, worked to setup the FB page and designed a set of logos for the church plant. It has given an immediate connection to many contacts to the Good News Chapel ministry during this time of the Covid-19 outbreak. 5/1/20
  • Prayers for the the proposed church property for the Good News Chapel building have been greatly appreciated. However, the pathway to purchase the desired local house (below) to renovate into a church building was shut down by a community vote and earthquake proof restrictions. Please pray in 2020 that God would open up a new pathway for a property purchase to serve as a church building for the ministry of Good News Chapel.
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