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Keren Delgado


Meet Keren, IM Missionary to Bulgaria

Born in Pinar del Río, Cuba, Keren grew up in the home of a Free Will Baptist pastor. Surrounded by Christian teaching, she accepted Christ as Savior as a five-year-old. Her family moved to Panama City, Panama, as missionaries when she was seven. As Keren grew, her faith matured and she was baptized in Panama as a young teen. Panama refused to renew the Delgado family’s visas. As a 17-year-old, she and her family moved to Russellville, Arkansas. After months of culture shock and difficulty, Keren found herself where she believes God wanted her—completely dependent on Him and focused on Jesus Christ as both redeemer and friend.

Approved as a missionary intern to Varna, Bulgaria in April 2019, Keren is currently in her two-year internship serving at the New Life Church in Varna alongside Trif and Vanya Trifonov.

Why Bulgaria?

During the summer of 2018, Keren served in Bulgaria with IM’s College Missions Program (CMP). She discovered many opportunities to serve and share the Gospel. Falling in love with the Bulgarian people and recognizing the immense need for Christian witnesses, she applied to serve as a missionary.

8 Unreached People Groups in Bulgaria

Keren’s Impact Through Language School

Listen to this story of the “Skinny Cow” and how God used Keren’s language school as an opportunity to share a story from the Bible with others who have never read the Bible.

Keren shares why she gives to missions and the joy it brings her to be obedient financially. She is not only ministering in Bulgaria, but she is financially contributing to ministries around the world through giving!

How she is ministering to people in Bulgaria

How you can pray for Keren

  • Pray for patience while I wait for the visa paperwork. In my first year in my internship, I had a student visa and this expired in November 2021, now I am applying for a visa that will allow me to stay longer in Bulgaria.
  • Pray for the Bulgarian believer to grow strong in their faith, and pray for the rest of Bulgarians for them to have access to the gospel.
  • Pray that God may help me as I am learning Bulgarian. Pray for my teacher as she hears the gospel through my homework and our conversations.
  • Pray for the teen club that we just started. Pray for the teens to grow in faith and for the other teens that have been invited but haven’t come.
  • Pray for the friendships that I have with the non-believers that their hearts may soften and their eyes may be open to the truth.
  • Pray for the addicts at the Rehab center, that they may break free from addictions and that they may accept the truth of the gospel and allow God to change their lives.

Thank you for praying for the Bulgarian people and me. Thank you for bringing to God these requests with a heart surrendered to God’s will.


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You can partner with Keren to reach people in Bulgaria with the Gospel.

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