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Tyler Justice


Meet Tyler Justice, IM Missionary to France

I’m Tyler Justice and I grew up in Eastern North Carolina and graduated from Welch college in 2021 with an International Business Degree. I love movies, YouTube, and Basketball. I was a part of ETEAM France in 2017 and went back with CMP in 2021. These trips opened my eyes to the world and Christianity (or lack thereof) outside of America.

Why France?

France is a place that is so out of touch with God that they think it is illogical to believe that He exists, even to the point where they are scared to be seen in a church or walk into a church building without knowing what it is like. Being able to have a quality livestream of services from churches that are already planted by IM missionaries is an obvious need. Along with videos they could find on Youtube explaining why believing in God actually makes sense.

37 Unreached People Groups in France

How you can pray for Tyler

  • To learn the language, culture, and to help the French people in any way I can.
  • For the wisdom to communicate the Gospel and greatness of our God in a way that the French people can understand.
  • For the team in France as we try new ways of reaching the lost people of France.

Tyler Justice


Total Population in France



You can partner with Tyler to reach people in France with the Gospel.

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