27 Ways to Take the Gospel

27 Ways to take the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth!

Hang the calendar where you can see it each day as we lead up to August 27 – World Missions Offering Day. Our prayer is that through these 27 missions-focused activities shared on the calendar inside, you will be encouraged to partner with IM and discover your role in Taking the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth. Wherever you are located, whatever skill or resources you have can be used by God to share the Good News. You may do these things in order, pick and choose from the following ideas, or come up with your own. We are excited to join you and thousands of others in August as we dedicate each day leading up to the WMO to being focused on the mission God has given us.

The words and phrases italicized and in bold below are clickable and linked to the corresponding resources.

Day Twenty-Seven

World Missions Offering Sunday!

Watch a special video highlighting ministries supported by the WMO on IM’s YouTube channel.