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In Japan, people are buried with either their families or their business in a large Columbarium that holds the ashes. Usually, about 60 people’s remains are buried in one columbarium burial site. Because most family graves are based on Buddhism, and in a country where 99.7% of the population is Non-Christian, most people who are Christians are unsure of where they could be buried one day when they die. When someone becomes a Christian and they reach the end of their life, they need a place to be buried.

Iriso FWB Church in Sayama, Japan is spearheading an effort to bury people who are Christians who do not want to be buried in a Buddhist grave or their family will not allow them to be buried together because of their religion. This project is targeting specifically those people in our Free Will Baptist Kanto area churches.

The church has purchased land and is working together with the other three area churches to secure funding for the gravestone. This gravestone marker will be a testimony to all the people who come through the graveyard, but more than that, it will be a comfort to those who are reaching the end of their life and are in need of a place to secure their burial. Recently it was said by pastor Kojima that in Japan “more people are more worried about the details surrounding their burial and getting those things in order more than they are actually worried about death.” This graveyard is within 5 miles of all four of the Kanto area Free Will Baptist churches and is easily accessible to all the area churches and members.

The churches in Kanto area hope to gather $10,000 of the needed funds and the goal is to raise $10,000.

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