Kamifukuoka CMP with the Carneys

Beginning of June-Mid July (6 weeks)

Minister through:

  1. English classes (classes for young children and adults)
  2. Abundant Gospel sowing in the big city—passing out tracts/links to Gospel message attrain stations and throughout neighborhoods.
  3. Help with church activities and summer outreaches. (If you have a particular talent/giftingwe will try to utilize it—music, online tech stuff, photography, video, kids ministry, etc.)
  4. Prayer walking.
  5. Provide a Christian presence in the neighborhood where the Kamifukuoka Christ Church(KCC) is. We and the Speers each live about a 35 minute drive/train ride away in different directions. After initial orientation to navigating the train system, learning how to buy food and basic essentials (about 1 week), we will be asking them to stay at the church in order to have a daily presence in the community. The only bathing option will be the local“sento” (public bath—guys and girls separate of course!) as the church does not have a shower. We will be looking after them and giving them daily tasks as well as getting together with them frequently.

Learn about and experience Japanese Culture:

  1. Study some Japanese with a tutor during their time here.
  2. Experience Japanese Brush-writing
  3. Do a Japanese Homestay
  4. Discover the underlying hidden cultural traditions that are so prevalent despite Japanlooking very “Western” on the surface.

Get a good overview of Japan as a whole and what ministry looks like in both urban and rural settings.

  1. Most of the time will be spent in the Kamifukuoka area just outside of Tokyo. A little less urban than downtown Tokyo, but still very urban. Their time here will overlap with E-Team Tokyo, so they will get to assist with that. They may also get called upon to help out a little at the Good News Chapel and Iriso churches as well as see the ministries of the Hope Alive Church.
  2. Spend one week in Eastern Hokkaido with Nathan and Linda Snow to see and experience the first-hand ministry in a rural area of Japan. This will add about $500-$600 to their budget, but I believe it is important to experience both the rural and urban in order to get a good sense of the scope of the need of the Gospel throughout all Japan, and the ministries here among Free Will Baptists, as well as provide a good point of reference for anyone considering future ministry in Japan.

Budget: $5,000

(Most likely could be $200-$300 cheaper depending on plane ticket/ferry prices)

For questions about this trip, email Leslie Nichols at leslie@iminc.org.

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