Brenton & Debbie Driscoll




The couple received approval to be missionary interns to Bulgaria and got married in 2019. They are currently seeking more prayer and financial partners for their two-year endeavor with hopes of moving to Bulgaria this summer, in order to have their first child there. Their little baby boy is due in July 2020. The Driscolls cannot wait to see all that God is going to do to bring glory to His name in Bulgaria and around the world.


Born to a missionary family in Japan, Brenton grew up with a mission’s vision and was active in his parents’ ministry, inviting school friends to church and seeing many of them hear the gospel for the first time.

Growing up in Bulgaria, Debbie actively participated in her parents’ (the Trifonovs) church through youth ministry, teaching younger children, and ministering through music.


While attending Welch College, the couple was involved in the FWB church plant in Gallatin, Tennessee—Immanuel FWB Church. Both participated in different ministries at Immanuel (such as music ministry, set up team, welcome team, etc.) during services each week. Although the Driscolls spend most of their time raising support on the road these days, they miss seeing their church family in Gallatin, but are thankful to call it “home.”


Brenton—Satsunae Lighthouse Christ Church, Japan
Debbie—New Life FWB Church, Varna, Bulgaria; Immanuel FWB Church, Gallatin, Tennessee

Last updated March 31, 2020.

Prayer Requests

There are a lot of big transitions happening in our lives right now:

  • we arrived in Shumen, Bulgaria at the beginning of June
  • we are enjoying our first year of marriage
  • we are expecting our first child in July
  • Brenton is beginning language study

In the midst of all of these big events and transitions, we thank God for all of you who prayerfully and financially support us. We cherish your friendship and cannot wait to see how the Lord uses all of us for His Kingdom!


We would love it if you prayed for the following needs:

  • Please pray for us as we transition to life here in Shumen!
  • Pray for strength and health for Debbie as she deals with the challenges and joys of pregnancy.
  • Pray for us as we join the missionaries on the Bulgarian field and work alongside Josh and Lydia Provow in Shumen. Pray specifically for unity, as well as cohesion to minister to the Bulgarian people here who do not know the LORD.
  • Pray for Brenton as he begins to learn Bulgarian.
  • Pray that God would guide us and equip us to do His work among the people in Bulgaria.