Casey Jones


In April 2019, Casey was reinstated as a career missionary serving immigrants in the United States. He serves the immigrant population of Tulsa, Oklahoma, as he leads American Dream Center. The organization was founded to provide advocacy, education, and assistance for refugees and immigrants.

Casey first heard the message of salvation while working on his God and Country award for Boy Scouts. Later, as a seven-year-old at a church camp revival, he accepted Christ as his Savior.

He answered the call to the mission field as 15-year-old during a youth convention. Stories of missionaries from around the globe helped him see the immense need to share the gospel with those who have never heard.

Casey’s first mission trip was to the city of New Orleans in the summer of 2003. The following summer he served on E-TEAM Panama. Casey followed this with mission trips to Romania and Central Asia.

In April 2008, Casey was approved as a short-term missionary intern to Central Asia.  He arrived in Kazakhstan in January 2009 and began studying Russian. He taught English classes as a means of reaching people. After nine months of service, he submitted his resignation because of medical issues that developed in August.

Following his return to the States and medical treatment, he began looking for ways to minister in his home state.

Rejoice Church—Owasso, Oklahoma

Updated September 27, 2019