Doug and Miriam Bishop



Doug and Miriam completed their two-year internship and were approved as career missionaries in the December 2015 board meeting. They returned to Japan for their first four-year term on May 25, 2017. Miriam, currently in language school, will graduate in February 2020. The couple serve the Miharashidai Chapel in Ebetsu, which Doug was asked to pastor in April 2019.

Doug was born in Ebetsu, Japan. He came to faith as a young child through the work of his parents, Dale and Sandra Bishop. He began to feel God calling him to missions while in college.

Miriam was born in Ayden, North Carolina, and lived in Greenville, North Carolina. She came to faith in the fifth grade after a special church service. At the age of 12, she felt God calling her to be a minister’s wife. In high school, she developed an interest in Japan as well as missions.


Approved for short-term ministry to Bihoro, Japan, in April 2012, Doug and Miriam completed their two-year internship in November 2015. They were approved as career missionaries in the December 2015 board meeting.

During their internship, Doug shared the preaching responsibilities at the Bihoro and Abashiri churches. He co-taught the adult English class at the Bihoro church. Miriam taught preschool English classes and interacted with the moms of the children. They also led a discipleship-focused Bible study in their home.

The couple has five children: Oliver, born October 24; Scarlet, born June 16; Hazel, born January 12; Felix, born August 5; and Arthur, born June 24.

Doug: Koinonia FWB Church, Nopporo, Japan
Miriam: Unity FWB Church, Greenville, NC

Last Update: October 30, 2019

Prayer Requests

Updated April 24, 2020

  • Pray for our family as we finish up our first term. Pray for us as we return to the states in October 2020. Pray that churches will be open to receiving us, and that the Lord would provide all the funds we need to raise.
  • Pray for Doug as he pastors Miharashidai Chapel. Pray that the Lord would give him wisdom as he ministers in our community.
  • Praise that Miriam finished language school! Thank you for all the encouragement and prayers over the last two years!
  • Pray for our kids as they go to school (Oliver 4th grade, Scarlet 1st grade, Hazel K5) and for us to build good relationships with the other school families. Pray for our kids as they say “see you later” to their friends here, and as they transition back to life in the U.S.
  • Pray for the Joy Kids ministry, which meets once a month. Pray for God to open the hearts of the children and parents that attend.
  • Praise that Mrs. H made the decision to follow Christ during all of the COVID craziness!
  • Pray for Mr. U as he meets regularly with Doug. Praise that he came to our foot washing service before Easter.
  • Pray for Mr. A, a seeker, who attends Miharashidai regularly. Pray that he will accept Christ as his Savior.
  • Pray that we would truly love the Japanese, and that we would open both our hearts and home to them.
  • Pray that we will be a light to all the new people we will meet as we live and work here.
  • Pray for the health of all the Japanese pastors and their wives. Especially pray for Mrs. Hirabuki, a pastor’s wife, who has been struggling with cancer.


Doug and Miriam Bishop

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