Jeff and Susana Turnbough

Educational Specialists


Jeff and Susan serve as educational specialists, currently seconded (or officially loaned) to International Training Alliance, a partner organization. IM joins twelve other evangelical mission organizations in this alliance to offer practical leadership training for missionaries and national workers. As a result, this joint effort has trained more than 3,000 leaders in 40 nations. The training is now offered in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and has been requested in Cantonese Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Asked to serve as  CEOs of the International Training Alliance (ITA), Jeff and Susan took on the challenging role on November 5, 2015. Since 2005, they performed as senior trainers for ITA while working full-time for the Mission,

Jeff followed Christ at the age of nine in the local church his father pastored. He sensed God leading him into missions while studying at Welch College in Nashville, Tennessee.

Susan also accepted Christ as Savior as a nine-year-old under her father’s ministry. About a year later she surrendered her life to God for His service.

The son of Reverend Elmer and Gladys Turnbough, Jeff was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Welch College with a B.S. in music and Christian education (1977) and a B.A. in biblical studies and missions (1979). Jeff holds a Diploma of Estudios Hispánicos (Hispanic studies) from the University of Madrid and an M.A. in theology and missions from Grace Theological Seminary. He graduated from Biola University in 2004 with his doctorate in missiology. His dissertation focused on a qualitative study of the conversion process for evangelical Spaniards in Madrid.

Susan, the daughter of Reverend Milton and Martha Crowson, was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, where her father pastored at the time. She graduated from Welch College (1977) with a B.A. in biblical studies, Christian education, and missions. She pursued teacher education at Troy State College. Once in Spain, she completed the year program of studies at the University of Madrid.

Jeff and Susan married in May 1975.

The Turnboughs were appointed to missionary service in April 1981. They went to Spain in June 1982, as church-planters. After completing two years of formal language study, they were used by the Lord to plant the first Protestant church in the growing city of Villalba, just outside Madrid. They served as field leaders for the Spain team, then regional directors for all workers in Europe. Jeff also served seven years as director of field operations, a role that moved the couple from Spain to the States.

Susan helped begin an evangelistic outreach to women called “Café y algo más” (Coffee and Something More). Many women came to Christ as a result of this ministry. Susan also worked with youth in Villalba for many years. Jeff developed a discipleship manual and materials related to field and team strategy.

The Turnboughs have two adult children: Matthew and Melissa.

Matthew married Brooke (Atwood) in May 2002. The couple has worked with The Hanna Project since 2005, leading a social outreach ministry in Spain. They have three children: Andrew, Caroline, and Daniel.

Melissa married Dr. Mason Mandy in 2006. Melissa is an RN and Mason is a surgeon. They live in New York City with their two children, Liam and Sofia.

The Donelson Fellowship, Nashville, Tennessee

Updated October 10, 2017

Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for the nine ITA training events planned for 2020:
    1. India – January
    2. Indonesia – March
    3. El Salvador (Spanish) – May
    4. Ghana – May
    5. Philippines – May
    6. Hong Kong – June
    7. Thailand – November
    8. South Africa – November
    9. Mali (French) – November
  2. Pray for the NEW INITIATIVES in 2020:
    1. New Trainer Launch Experience, a new virtual training course.
    2. The second training event in Mandarin Chinese
    3. Incorporating professional leader coaching into our programs
  3. Funding for ITA – see the 2020 budget here.
  4. Funding for Jeff & Susana – support here.
  5. Pray for ITA.


Jeff and Susana Turnbough

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