Bailey Bulletin

August 2019 Praise and Prayer PRAISE:  A friend of 35 years, Mr. Daisuke Kusuyama, recently passed away and his funeral was held July 27th. He had made a profession of faith many years ago and had requested a Christian funeral. Iriso Church Pastor Kojima brought a clear testimony of God’s love and mercy, and we’re grateful that over 150 people who attended clearly heard the Gospel! We have two new young families who joined KCC Friday Mommy and Me Class this month. We’re grateful that we’ve become known in our neighborhood for having good programs for children and their parents and for these new opportunities! We had an elderly woman in our neighborhood “wander” into the church about three weeks ago early on Sunday morning. She’d been in an argument with her son and left the house to escape the situation. It was an overcast day and as she passed our church, located on the second floor, she saw our lights and came in to see what was happening at this “church” so early in the morning. Ken and I welcomed her in, gave her some tea and spoke with her for several minutes before Sunday School began, and she decided to stay for the worship service. She told us that she appreciated our prayers for her family situation. We’re grateful that Mrs. Hamaguchi LOOKED UP and saw the light! We’re grateful for reconciliation of two KCC families, after difficulties arose two years ago. The Spirit is much sweeter in our meetings and we’re praising God for His hand in this! We're grateful for YOU and your continued prayers and financial support; we could not minister in Japan without YOU! PRAYER: Pray for the salvation of the many who attended Mr. Kusuyama’s funeral, Mrs. Hamaguchi, Mr. “A”, Mr. “N”, and the ladies who attend Judy’s Iriso Church classes. Pray for the young families who come weekly for the children’s classes; pray that the LIGHT will shine through us and two of our church moms who attend the Saturday classes. Pray for more Japanese workers to answer the call to full-time Christian ministry. One of our Hokkaido pastors recently left to return to his own denomination, and we struggle to find replacements for missionary pastors and lay workers. Pray for Ken’s brother, Dan, and Dan’s son-in-law Josh; both continue to struggle with cancer; pray for Judy’s dad Elmer Turnbough and her brother, Jim, as they both work through heart-related issues. Pray for the future of KCC and our members; though our group is small, we desire to continue being a LIGHT in our community! In Japan to serve Him, Judy and Ken