Bailey Bulletin May 2018

THE BAILEY BULLETIN May 2018 “Sing to God a brand-new song. He’s made a world of wonders!” Spring has arrived in Japan, along with new beginnings! REJOICING! Mrs. “C” and her sons attended our Christmas Outreach, and she returned to KCC to pray the Sinner’s Prayer! She’s rejoicing in her new life in Christ!   Our first KCC Mommy and Me Graduation took place in March! We said goodbye to 22 preschoolers who attended weekly Kamifukuoka Christ Church classes, as they scattered in different directions to begin “official” Japanese school. Many attended outreach programs and we were thankful to be a witness to these TWENTY unsaved families this last year and a half. We’ve been asked to continue meeting with this group, beginning later this year after school adjustments have been made. Please pray for these precious families to receive HIM! The graduation of one group was followed with requests for a new class, so we began a second weekly class with six children and their moms in April. Interest is now coming from their friends to visit the classes, and we pray that the Holy Spirit will move as we at KCC witness to these new families in our neighborhood!   Please continue to pray for salvation for Mr. “N” #1, Mr. “A”, and Mr. “N” #2. Mr. “N” #1, now 82-years old, accepted Ken’s invitation to fly north to Hokkaido last week to attend the Japan FWB Association meetings. It was a great opportunity for them to spend time together, and we can see that God is working in his heart! Pray for Mrs. “N” as she witnesses to him daily.   Several visitors to Japan are anticipated in the coming months: former E-Team members, friends of friends, E-Team Tokyo along with several college students, and the International Fellowship of Free Will Baptists in October. We continue to have people drop in requesting counseling and church info, and unsaved connected to KCC are attending weekly Bible studies and drop by for Sunday worship. YOUR PRAYERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Thank you for holding us up before the Throne these last thirty-six years and for your continued burden to see Japan reached for Christ! Here to serve Him, Ken and Judy Bailey "And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ..." Colossians 4:3a