KCC Easter Outreach

We held two Mommy & Me Easter parties last week at Kamifukuoka Christ Church! All of the parents attending were nonbelievers (excluding one church mom), and each family received the explanation of Easter's true meaning, along with Bible story books for their children. We're so thankful for these thirty young families who come into our church each week for a time of learning and fun with their small children! Please continue to pray that they will feel the Holy Spirit working in their hearts. It's our desire to see each of these precious children grow up in a Christian home! Our Kids' Club, started in 2009, continues each Sunday afternoon with a time of English study, followed by the Bible. We currently have two high school students, and three attending junior high. Each of these kids have been in the program since the beginning, and it's a pleasure to work with them each week. Pray for the three brothers, who have heard the Word many times (along with their parents) and have yet to make a decision. Pray for the two girls, both believers, who attend our church and for their witness to their friends. Our special Easter Worship will be held this next Sunday, and we've invited all of the parents from these classes. Please pray that many would be able to attend. Thank you always for your prayers and support and the love you have shown us throughout the thirty six years we've been in Japan! You are an important part of our team and in leading people to Christ!