Lazaro and Ariadna Riesgo

Leadership Training


Lázaro and Ariadna were appointed as educational specialists for Hispanic ministry in April 2014. They arrived in the States in July 2015 and settled in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. They will serve as professors and trainers in Free Will Baptist works in Spanish-speaking countries.

Lázaro attended First Free Will Baptist Church in Pinar del Río, Cuba, with his mother and accepted Christ as Savior at the age of nine. At age 17 he rededicated his life, was baptized, and began a systematic study of the Bible. Lázaro was heavily influenced by family members to pursue ministry. Cuban pastors and leaders encouraged him to study at the seminary in Cuba. Missionaries from International Missions who taught at summer camps and the seminary challenged his worldview.

Ariadna grew up in a loving, but non-Christian, home. Though she became a Christian at age 15, she began to really understand and live her faith three years later. Dr. David Arteaga, a medical doctor and friend of Ariadna’s mother, began a house church (eventually, Second Free Will Baptist Church of Pinar del Río) in her neighborhood. Invited to attend, Ariadna became active in serving others.

Lázaro and Ariadna have worked together in ministry since their marriage in 1998.

Ariadna attended medical school in Cuba, graduating in 2000 with her M.D. Meanwhile, Lázaro began yearning for more biblical training. After Ariadna’s graduation, the couple began studying at the Cedars of Lebanon Seminary in Cuba. Lázaro graduated with both an associate’s (2003) and a bachelor’s (2007) degree in theology and Bible. Ariadna also enrolled and received her associate’s degree in theology (2007).

While at the seminary, Lázaro pastored the La Conchita Church in Pinar del Río. Ariadna ministered beside him, treating the sick, working in children’s ministry, and performing the duties of a pastor’s wife. She also received training from Child Evangelism Fellowship, and became an instructor for the organization in 2008.

Lázaro served as director of the National Youth Department for Cuban Free Will Baptists from 2003-2010. His duties included organizing camps and conferences. During this time, he initiated a youth ministry program at the seminary. He also served as a professor at Cedars of Lebanon from 2005-2011. An advocate of lifetime learning, Lázaro has continued take courses and seminars to improve his understanding of Scripture and enhance his ability to teach others.

Over a period of several years, God burdened the couple with the need to reach beyond Cuba with the gospel. They arrived in Panama in June 2011 to work with Steve and Judy Lytle at the Bible institute in Chame. As Steve and Judy phased out their service at the seminary, Lázaro and Ariadna took on more and more responsibility, eventually serving as director and dean, as well as professors. The couple served at the seminary in Chame June 2011-July 2015.


Last update: April 13, 2015

Prayer Requests

February 2018


Panama (March 2-23)

  • Ariadna and I will be flying to Panama to teach at the FWB Bible Institute (located in Chame).
  • We plan to remain there for three weeks.
  • Ariadna will be teaching level 1 of CEF.
  • Lazaro will be teaching Apologetic.

We also plan to visit and share in different churches during the weekends

Please pray for our investment among Panamanians and for the new school year at the FWB Bible Institute.

Thanks for your willigness to support our ministry. We appreciate your prayers!



Lazaro and Ariadna Riesgo

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