Take That Leap of Faith and Say “Yes” to God

Take That Leap of Faith and Say “Yes” to God

By Gloria Todd

This past summer, I had the opportunity to go on CMP Kenya and spend a few weeks with the Simmons. The Simmons are currently working alongside the Samburu people, sharing the gospel of Jesus, and providing medical care. I flew for a total of around 20 hours and landed in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. We spent a few days in Nairobi where I began to learn more about the culture, got to do some exploring, and began to prepare for my time with the Samburu people. Mission Aviation Fellowship flew us an hour from Nairobi to the Samburu district where I would be spending the next two weeks. The Simmons’ ministry is surrounded by the concept of discipleship. They spend time every day with these beautiful people, sharing the word of God in a way that is easily understandable, applicable, and shareable. One of the biggest perks of spending these three weeks with them is the fact that I got a front-row seat to missionary lifestyle and ways that I can apply the amazing things they do on a daily basis in my own life back home.

I learned a lot from this trip, but the three areas I want to really emphasize are the importance of:

  • quiet, uninterrupted, and purposeful time with God daily
  • not only doing what’s good but doing what is best
  • sharing the gospel in a way that causes people to take ownership of their faith and in a way that is reproducible for that specific person

I got to spend time every day with Mrs. Amanda helping her run the medical clinic at their house, praying with every patient we helped, and sharing the love of Jesus with them. Eddy and Amanda are some of the most intentional people I have ever met. They spent the entire three weeks just pouring into my life and helping me grow my faith and knowledge in ways that I wasn’t even aware that it needed to grow.

My advice for future CMP students is simple, but it has had a tremendous impact on my life. It is the concept of saying “yes.” “Yes, God, I will go wherever you are sending me even if I am scared.” “Yes, God, I will trust you and give you my fears and concerns.” “Yes, God, I offer you my feet willing to go, my hands ready to serve, and my heart inclined to you and your leading.” “Yes, I will eat this strange-looking food and embrace this culture that looks different than mine.” “Yes, I will love these people like you do.” Say yes to God, no matter what He is calling you to. CMP will absolutely change your life, make you a better Christian, open your eyes to this incredible world that God has created with such intentionality, and bless you in so many unexpected ways. Take that leap of faith and say yes to God by applying for CMP. You won’t regret it!

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