A special September

Anthony and Lea Edgmon

This September is special for our children because it means another new transition. Our children began school at age 3 in the local elementary school here in Alpedrete.  They then moved on to high school here as they grew.  This year will be the first year of their schooling that they have lived in Alpedrete without attending school here.  After much consideration and prayer, we decided it was time for a change.  Emily and Marc will be studying this year at Evangelical Christian Academy in Camarma.  This school was founded to provide schooling for MKs and is an excellent option. Please pray for the kids as this change means that instead of a 10-minute stroll down the street to school they will have a 50 mile each way commute.

Emily begins her 11th-grade year and Marc is starting 9th grade.

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About Anthony and Lea Edgmon

Anthony and Lea Edgmon work in the town of Alpedrete, Spain, a town that has more than doubled in population in the last decade.