A Story of Ministering on the Field

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my friends from Africa. He told me, “At this center, my mind is tranquil. I don’t feel that everywhere. You are my family here.” Great words from a Muslim man to evangelical Christians. Of course, those words were born out of dozens…maybe even hundreds…of instances of ministry from us toward him.  

He has received food packages. When he has needed counsel, multiple men have taken him for coffee and prayer. He has spent time as a volunteer, and we have befriended him. Looking for work, we have written recommendations for him. He has also played in our weekly pick-up game of fútbol (soccer) near the center.  

Now as for me and him, one occasion I helped him find a place to stay on the rental app here when he had two days to leave his old apartment. Also, each time we talk, I try to show interest in his country and culture. One day, I went as far as to look up his people group and their basic ancient mythical story. The next time I saw him I told him what I had read. He exclaimed, “Where did you hear about this? Nobody knows this here!” He then retold me the story with much greater detail and the glee of a little child.  

So when he is with us, we are interested in who he is and what he needs. We want to be his friend, give him counsel, make sure he has what he needs, learn about his important cultural relics, and play fútbol  with him!  

By Josh in Southern Spain

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