Alpedrete VBS and Teen Week July 23-27

Anthony and Lea Edgmon

Months of preparation culminated in two simultaneous events from July 23-27, when the Alpedrete Church hosted VBS and a similar activity for the youth that we called “Teen Week.” The VBS used Lifeway’s “Game On” Spanish materials.  We had an average of 30 kids each day, with a total number of 40 different kids who attended. Many of our attendees were children who do not normally come to our church.  We were happy to have several children from the Villalba church join us. Several children from our town were invited by school classmates and neighbors and had a great time.  What a privilege to share the truths that Jesus cares about us, gives us hope, helps us believe, loves us and gives us joy. Please continue to pray for the children who heard the Gospel that week.


For the Teen Week, we averaged 18 each day with a total of 27 different youth coming during the week. Each day we went to Alpedrete’s largest park & recreation area where we provided a snack, had a time for some group games, followed by a time of worship and a Bible study.  Anthony, Oscar & “Mike,” one of our young adults, formed our team of workers.   Our Bible studies were from selected passages in the Gospel of John – Jesus & Nicodemus, Jesus & the woman at the well, Jesus & the blind man from birth, Jesus raising Lazarus and Jesus’ post-resurrection appearance in John 20. One of the highlights for our family was that three of Emily’s friends from high school came twice, one of the girls actually came another time on her own and on the last day with a cousin who was visiting them.  We are thrilled to see more openness in these girls.  Pray that God would especially continue to work in the hearts of the nine youth who participated in Teen Week who are from unchurched families.

*We know you would LOVE to see some smiling faces of the kiddoes that participated in VBS and Teen Week, however, strict European privacy laws prevent us from posting pictures of minors without express written permission from parents.

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About Anthony and Lea Edgmon

Anthony and Lea Edgmon work in the town of Alpedrete, Spain, a town that has more than doubled in population in the last decade.