Alpedrete VBS “In the Wild”

Anthony and Lea Edgmon

This year during the Alpedrete VBS, we went on an exciting adventure “In the Wild” to discover more about Jesus.  The children heard about Jesus’ childhood, His baptism, His miracles, His death and resurrection and how He appeared to believers on the road to Emmaus.   We were thrilled to have 10 volunteers to teach this year. In addition to all the music, crafts and Bible lessons, the children were challenged to give an offering to the ministry “Jungle Kids for Christ.” They did a great job raising a little over $400 to help provide education and resources for children in the Amazon region of Ecuador.  This year, we tried a little different format and held VBS from Sunday evening through Thursday evening and held our closing program on Thursday.  We were happy to see more parents participate in the closing program and get a chance to hear the truths their children had learned during the week.

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About Anthony and Lea Edgmon

Anthony and Lea Edgmon work in the town of Alpedrete, Spain, a town that has more than doubled in population in the last decade.