An Interesting Week

Doug and Miriam Bishop

On Tuesday morning we woke up to emergency alerts on our phones telling us to seek shelter. North Korea fired a missile over the entire island of Hokkaido. Thankfully it landed in the ocean, but the news left us feeling unsettled. We have peace that if we were to die that we would go to heaven, but as we look around us at all of our neighbors we know they don’t have that same peace. It was a good reminder to us about why we are here!

The next day we went to the American Consulate to get Felix’s birth certificate, social security number, and his passport. We had to go through security with three kids in tow, but thankfully everything went really well! On Friday Doug met with the language school, and Miriam will be able to start school in October. This gives us just enough time to finish unpacking the rest of our house before school begins.

Scarlet and Doug will meet with a potential preschool tomorrow, so please pray that that will go well. Several of the schools are already full, and it’s been a challenge to find a place for her to attend. Pray that she will pick up the language quickly, and that we would build good relationships with the other preschool families. Thanks for working with us to reach the Japanese!

About Doug and Miriam Bishop

Approved for short-term ministry to Bihoro, Japan, in April 2012, Doug and Miriam completed their two-year internship in November 2015. They were approved as career missionaries in the December 2015 board meeting.