August 2020 Update

Brenton & Debbie Driscoll

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Introducing James Clinton Brenton Driscoll

We are so pleased to say that our little man came into the world on July 3rd, at 3:36 am (7.4 lbs and 20 inches). We are so excited to have him in our family and pray that he will grow up to serve and walk before the LORD all the days of his life.
“‘Truly I tell you,’ he said, ‘unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven'” (Matthew 18:3). It is amazing to watch and see how dependant Jamie is on us, his parents. We do not know how to sum it up other than with these two words: total dependency. His total dependency on us is a wonderful reminder of our need to be solely reliant on the LORD in our everyday lives. So many things call for us to be self-sufficient, and yet Christ calls for something completely different! He is our Heavenly Father who meets each and every one of our needs. What a beautiful truth to be reminded of while holding this little guy in our arms
Many of you know him as James Clinton Driscoll, so you might be wondering where the “Brenton” name came from. In Bulgaria, all children carry the name of their father. We thought that we would be exempt from this rule because of Brenton’s American passport, but to our surprise, we were called back to the hospital a week after Jamie’s birth and had to add “Brenton” to his name. Yet, we think that this is a great reminder of the fact that as God’s children we bear His Name as we represent Him in this world!
(There is an explanation of why we chose the name “James Clinton” for our son on our Facebook pages.)

Ministry in the Last Month

The summer months are an interesting time for ministry. Many of the people who attend our gatherings and services are on vacation and travel during most of the weekends. Still, the church in Shumen has ministries and events going almost every day. 
On a weekly basis, we love getting to attend the different Bible studies and events here in Shumen: Catan Bible studies for both Bulgarians and English-speakers, a study on the life of Elijah, one-on-one meetings, and church services. Brenton has started leading the English Bible study that meets on Wednesday nights. Please pray for the people that attend! In addition, we have started meeting more people in the city and are building relationships with them, and we long for the day when the LORD will open their eyes to their own spiritual needs. Brenton has also started playing tennis and soccer with some new acquaintances, and Debbie looks forward to meeting other moms in the area.
This past weekend, we were able to visit the New Life churches in both Pleven and Svishtov, as well as visit with the group that meets in the village of Odurne. Brenton had the opportunity to preach, and it was wonderful to get to meet some of the believers there. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Continue to pray for the new people we have met in Shumen. May our LORD continue to draw them near to Himself.
  • Pray that God would strengthen the faith of those who already attend New Life church.
  • Pray that we will be able to find a good Bulgarian teacher for Brenton. 
  • Pray that Jamie will grow strong and healthy, and that God would use him even now in his infancy for the Kingdom. (It is amazing how many people stop on the streets and start a conversation with us, simply because we are holding Jamie in our arms.)

Thank You

Thank you for going on this journey with us! It would not be possible without you, your prayers, and all of the ways in which you support us. May our LORD continue to bless you and give you more of His spirit.
In Christ,
Brenton, Debbie, and Jamie Driscoll
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