August Missionary Balances

Deborah St. Lawrence

Antioch—IM’s CFO Robert Conley released deficit and needy account balances earlier today.

As of August 31, 2018, the following seven accounts are in the deficit:

India Ministries/Carlisle Hanna -$158,667.80
Lázaro & Ariadna Riesgo -$19,935.20
Jerry & Barbara Gibbs -$14,246.01
Robert & Judy Bryan -$15,678.88
Dennis & Carol Teague -$8,840.60
Steve & Lori Torrison -$8,465.70
Don & Ruth McDonald -$652.03

One account remains in dangerously low territory:

Tyler & Kellie Penn $5,761.87

“Prayerfully consider partnering with one or more of these missionaries,” General Director Clint Morgan requested. “They need our support so they can focus on evangelism, discipleship, and planting churches.”