Brenton & Debbie Driscoll

“Attempt something so impossible that unless God is in it, it is doomed to fail.” – RJ Thompson
Back in January, we led our newsletter with the quote above. We were off the cusp of finding out that we were pregnant, Brenton was about to quit a job that he really enjoyed, and we were wrestling with what exactly God was doing in our lives. We knew He wanted us in Bulgaria, but not much more than that. Wearily, we were taking a step of faith, but yet we were being haunted by countless questions at every turn. Was the LORD really asking us to make this commitment of trying to get to Bulgaria before our little boy was born? Were we too naive to believe that an early June departure was possible? In the end, would we find ourselves regretting the choices we had made?
Toward the end of His life, Jesus encouraged His disciples to ask for things in His name; “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete” (John 16:24). Were we asking the questions we had in Jesus’ name and doing this for His glory, or were we merely going on this journey for our own selfish motives?


At the beginning of the new year, we were less than 10% supported. (Now you might better understand the questions we were talking about in the previous paragraph.) So imagine what a joy it was to hear from the IM office a few days ago that we are now OFFICIALLY 100% SUPPORTED.
That is right, the LORD has done a miracle and He deserves all the glory! What a testimony this is to His character, His faithfulness, and His power! His mercies are new every morning, and He continues to work signs and wonders in our lives even in the midst of a global pandemic. 
He also continues to use His people in order to bring His redemptive plan for the nations to fruition. We want to thank YOU, our team, for your constant prayers, faithful financial support, and the encouragement that you have been to us throughout the last year. It is so special to be able to look forward to making our first “steps in Shumen” very soon (LORD-willing, those will be happening in less than a month and a half!) and to witness the marvelous ways in which He will bring people to Himself!
We cannot wait to continue this journey with you over the next two years! Just think, this is only the beginning! Thank you, LORD, for demonstrating to us daily that You are all-powerful, that Your plans are better than our own, and that Your faithfulness stands forever. There is power in Your Name, and we praise You for seeing Your plans for our lives through, even when our faith is sometimes weak.

Needed Prayer

1. After many calls, conversations, and pulling strings (not to mention all of the hassle and finagling), the LORD opened the Bulgarian Embassy in Chicago for us to apply for Brenton’s visa. We made the trip up to Chicago yesterday, and now wait in anticipation for the visa to come in the mail. Please pray with us as we ask God to expedite the process so that we can have the visa in hand soon and be able to buy our plane tickets, finish packing up our home (we’ve already begun!), and get ready to fly to Bulgaria at the beginning of June! (Stay tuned on our Facebook page for how you might be able to help us out if you are in the Nashville area!)
2. The month of Ramadan started about ten days ago for Muslims around the world. Our hearts continue to pour out in prayer for them, hoping that they will one day know the true Gospel found in Jesus Christ. Please join us in prayer, especially for the many Muslims in Shumen and its outlying villages. We cannot wait to get there and begin making connections with the 90,000 people who live in the area and have yet to hear about Christ and what He has done on the cross!

We want to thank you for continuing to pray for us and for supporting the ministry in Shumen! We praise our Lord for you and hope that you are doing well and leaning on Him during these unprecedented times. We want you to know that we are praying for you during this time as well! If you have special needs, concerns, or anything else you want us to be praying for, do not hesitate to shoot us a text, email, or even call us on the phone or on ZOOM! 

In Christ,

Brenton, Debbie, and Baby Driscoll
P.S. You can click HERE to watch a short video from our trip to Chicago.
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