Celebrating 20 years in Spain

Anthony and Lea Edgmon

In reflecting on the 20thanniversary of our arrival in Spain to begin ministry here we would like to use the letters of the word TWENTY to highlight some things that we would say are a major part of our story.


T eamwork has been fundamental as we labor with other missionaries, sister churches and fellow believers in the ministries of the Alpedrete Church. All of you, our prayer partners and donors, are an important part of helping us reach this mark of 20 years of service.


W ise counsel from college professors, from leadership within the Mission, from teammates and coworkers in Spain has both challenged and encouraged us throughout these years.


E ffort has been invested to learn a new language (we’re still learning), to make Spain’s culture our own (as much as possible), to try different approaches and activities in evangelism & church planting, to raise kids in Spain and to raise the necessary funds through several changes in the IM funding system.


N ever failing love, presence, guidance and grace of our Lord and Savior is by far the biggest factor in our continued service in Spain.


T riumph and tragedy have both been present during our time in Spain.

Triumph … planting a new church in a town with no gospel witness, leading people to know Christ as their Savior and baptizing new believers.  Tragedy … losing our triplet daughters on Oct 27, 1999, closing of a sister church and seeing so many who turn their back on God.


Y oung people have been a major part of our ministry.  Our own children have been tremendously helpful.  Through children’s ministry, youth ministry, discipleship studies with several young people, relationship building with families from school and extracurricular activities, there are so, so many who are dear to our hearts.  We pray that they will mature in spiritual matters and be faithful, find their place and their own unique way to serve the Lord now and in the future.  We continue to pray that those who still have not accepted Christ as Savior will do so soon.

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About Anthony and Lea Edgmon

Anthony and Lea Edgmon work in the town of Alpedrete, Spain, a town that has more than doubled in population in the last decade.